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Millions from the Mind

Comments by Experts

"Thanks for sending me a review copy of Alan Tripp's delightful new book, Millions from the Mind. It is chock-full of interesting and inspiring stories about inventors who have made it, with a plethora of most useful and practical tips for the inventor. E.g., when submitting an invention to a company, Tripp wisely advises that the inventor should find and neutralize any opponent in the company and align with any champion of their invention. It is full of much additional new and heretofore unpublished information which I know will be of great use to patent attorneys as well as inventors. I heartily recommend it for any inventor's library."
David Pressman, Patent Lawyer, S.F.; Author, Patent It Yourself (Nolo Press) World's Largest-Selling Self-Help Guide

"Look around. Bookstore business sections are bursting with basic innovator sourcebooks and how-to tutorials written to handhold entrepreneurs from garage shelves to store shelves. Tripp's book is dramatically different and, thus, quite refreshing. If anything, Alan Tripp's approach, however, has been to share his remarkable collection of dialogues - - many first-hand recollections, others mined from what literally must be trunks-full of anecdotes. In short, Tripp breathes life and meaning into the otherwise arcane world of intellectual property management. The final product, a benefit to us all, is not so much a how-to book as it is why-to, and even why-not-to. For those who best learn from stories well-told, this is for you."
Don Kelly, CEO, Intellectual Asset Management Associates, and former USPTO Director.

"I like Tripp's book very much, but I can't remember exactly what the first edition was like. Anyway, there's a lot of good information in this edition, and I was intrigued with the many stories of successful inventors and their inventions. I particularly liked the 10 point SIR Scale and the Undeniable Fact inserts. All the other stories and principles he writes about explain why Tripp has been so successful with his own inventions. I cannot suggest any changes or corrections.
If you need a testimonial quote from me, just print what is below, or feel free to modify it and run it past me once for OK:

'With this book Alan Tripp does a magnificent job of educating and inspiring the potential freelance inventor. Required reading for anyone thinking of entering this field for profit, Tripp's book will arm you with special knowledge based on his many years of personal experience. Read this book!'"
Robert G, Merrick, Inventor/Entrepreneur and Author of Stand Alone, Inventor!

"It is a very good book that should get ones creative juices flowing with respect to figuring out what to do now, when standing before the inevitable road blocks (temporary setbacks, that is)."
Gary Caspar, Inventor Super Peel™ conveyer baker's peel

"If this book were read by every technician, tradesman, engineer, scientist, banker, accountant, businessman, and creative person in the country, I am convinced the result would be a tremendous acceleration in the rate of growth of our economy and standards of life and living. I only wish I had read it forty years ago at the start of my industrial career. While the title might suggest to many that it is just another "con job" written by some hustler, that definitely is not the case. It is a serious read for the serious inventor or invention developer."
George H. Morgan,P.E.,Patent Agent

"I can honestly say from my own experience that Mr. Tripp's book would have made a positive difference in my success had I read it earlier in my career as an inventor entrepreneur."
Frank Bartels, Inventor/President ProcoverPlus™ propane tank cover

"Knowing personally how confusing the inventor's journey to success can be, I would recommend this read to all inventors who are trying to find their way."
Todd Glickstein, Inventor/CEO Lotto Spotto™ lottery ticket reader

"If you've ever said, 'They stole my idea,' Millions from the Mind shows the many ways others have turned their ideas into cash, and will inspire you to do the same."
Randy L. Thomas, Past Director, American Society of Inventors

"Millions from the Mind is the best book I have read about financially successful inventors and inventions. Every inventor, actual or potential should read this book."
Jacob Rabinow, Inventor

"Here is a book that every novice or even practiced inventor should take a serious look at before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. For only $29.95 it is a real value."
Bob Ross, Inventor; Founder, Inventor's Council of Mid-Michigan

“Of the many books written by inventors one seldom discovers more than a limited, subjective path to success. Tripp's book is different. He covers the process of successful inventing from inception to banking. Millions from the Mind is loaded with mature, broad-spectrum advice and examples that drive the lessons home. Every inventor, beginner or advanced, will profit from owning this book.”
Jack Lander, Past President United Inventors Association, Inventors’ Digest Columnist


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