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Millions from the Mind

Forms & Agreements

Several forms and agreements useful to inventors appear in Millions from the Mind. For your convenience electronic versions of them are provided here in several formats. These forms are NOT provided as legal advice. You are strongly encouraged to seek legal advice from competent counsel in your state before using or modifying anything in the text of these forms. Neither the author nor the publisher represent themselves as legal counsel. You are cautioned that it is generally a bad idea to sign a contract with anyone whom you would not trust on a handshake. The purpose of a contract is to spell out the obligations and expectations of both parties so that future issues arrising can be quickly and amicably decided. A contract is NOT a cudgel you can beat someone over the head with and it is NOT a guarantee of performance. While few contracts wind up in court, you need to understand before you sign whether or not you are willing and able to drag your counterpart into litigation for either compelling compliance or recovering damages.

The links to the right connect you directly to a preformatted text version which you should be able to print suitably on any printer. Links under each form name and description below provide Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and generic text versions.

The Forms

Letter of Agreement for Invention Owner Making Disclosure

This form is often called a Non-Disclosure Agreement or simply NDA. Its purpose is to allow an inventor to disclose to another party information which the inventor believes to be proprietary and to contractually obligate the recipient to not disclose the information to third parties. Since it is a contractual agreement it can be enforced in court under normal civil court proceedings, neither the police or attorney general or a local prosecutor will help you.


Mutual Secrecy Agreement

This is a two-way street agreement. Often when you start working on something you discover that you need the expertise of others, often proprietary expertise, and they need full disclosure of your invention to ba able to properly help you. This agreement establishes that two-way sharing.


Heads of Agreement: Outline of terms of license agreement

This is not a license agreement itself. It is only a negotiating and recording tool for making the business deal. It will be used to establish the terms of the final legalese license agreement that you sign. You must always be careful to understand both the contents of the Heads of Agreement and of the ultimate License Agreement to be sure your expectations and understanding are correct.

This set includes hints for negotiating the agreement:


This set does not include the hints for negotiating the agreement:


Book Order Form

You can print and use this form for ordering copies of Millions from the Mind if you don't wish to place a credit card order by phone (1-800-651-9676) or online or you simply wish to pay by check.

Order Form


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