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Millions from the Mind

Caption Contest

If you've read Millions from the Mind carefully you know there is a page with partial patent images on it that is without a caption. You are also aware you could win a prize for submitting a winning caption. To submit a possible caption all you need to do is complete the following information boxes and click the "Submit Caption" button. Please read and comply with the other rules specified below also.

All entrants will receive an e-mail autoresponse that includes the proposed caption that was not used in Millions from the Mind and the text of the report "The Problem With Inventors Is They Think..." which takes a good look at the "thinking" that gets almost all budding inventors into trouble.

The Rules

Only 1 entry per person (not e-mail address).

All entries must include your name and your current regular mail mailing address.

Entries will be judged solely by James E. White on the basis of pertinence and content.

One winner per year, 2003 through 2005.

Your e-mail address must still be valid and an e-mail query responded to at the time the winner is chosen (sometime in January of the following year).

If a winning entrant fails to respond in a timely manner (say 4 days) to an e-mail query the next runner-up, etc., will be queried until a winner is found.

There is no guarantee that more than the 1 book already published will be available as a prize or that Taletyano Press will still be in business.

The Gotchas

James E. White & Assoc. will have your e-mail and regular mail address and have permission to use them for mailings of Taletyano Press and his other business entities. All use will comply with the Privacy Policy.

By entering the contest you give permission for your caption to be published in any medium with attribution but without any compensation. If you submit a caption that is identical to someone submitting the same caption earlier the caption will not be attributed to you. There is no promise that any caption will ever be published in any medium. Your caption may be excluded even though others are published.


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