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Taletyano Press / Books For Order Form

The pre-formatted text below can be selected and copied into any program capable of printing at 12 pitch (12 characters per inch) with a left margin of .75 inches and a top margin of .5 inches. Select OrderFormPrint.htm for a raw version you may be able to format and print from your browser.

Did we mention our 100% money back guarantee? If you are not satisfied that you got your money's worth from one of our books you may return it via First Class or cheaper mail and request a full refund for your purchase price, applicable taxes, and shipping both ways if applicable REGARDLESS of where you bought it.

All use of your contact information will comply with the Privacy Policy.

                 Books For Inventors / Taletyano Press Order Form

Fax orders: (517) 347-0189*        Online orders:

Telephone orders: 1-800-651-9676* (James E. White & Assoc., publisher's, main order line)

Postal orders: Taletyano Press, 4107 Breakwater Dr, Okemos, MI  48864*

Please send the following books. I understand there is a 100% money back guarantee that 
if I don't find any book worth its price to me I may return it via First Class or Media 
Mail postage for a full refund of my purchase, shipping, tax, and return costs.

Title                                         Price       x        Qty.       = Item Cost

_____Millions from the Mind___________________$29.95_____________________________________

_____Will It Sell?..._________________________$24.95_____________________________________

_____You Might Be An Inventor If...____________$4.95_____________________________________

All direct orders always receive a free
   "First to Invent/Idea Rights" report.           SUBTOTAL _____________________________

Sales tax: Add 6% sales tax for books
   shipped to Michigan addresses.              MI Sales Tax _____________________________

U.S. & Canada shipping: $5.75 first book, $2
   each additional book. Elsewhere shipping:       Shipping _____________________________
   $12 first book, $4 each additional book
Please pay by check or credit card: Visa, 
   American Express, Mastercard, Discover         TOTAL DUE _____________________________

_________________________________________ ________ ______________________________________
Credit Card Number                        Exp. Dt. Signature

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State/Province: _______________ Zip/Code: ______

Country: ________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________

*We're growing, please check the web site for current information.


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