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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We're always happy to answer questions--especially ones where it's obvious the questioner has shown some innitiative and has a genuine interest in the answer. See the Contact Us page for how to get a question to us.

Why are you always later than you say you're going to be getting a particular book into print?

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Um..., you're very perceptive. We're just optimists here and always hope everything just goes perfectly in order to get books out "on time." Of course, it never does. Often we just dramatically underestimate the amount of work it will take to do something at the high quality level necessary to meet our standards.  Back to Top

Do you pay a $5,000 (or $50,000, don't laugh) advance to book authors?

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No. No! No! No! When it comes right down to it, and even though about 1/3 of U.S. residents admit to fantasies of success as an inventor, your basic average every day wannabe inventor simply won't buy any books to learn about the game. After all, why should they, they did graduate from grade school where they learned "have idea, get patent, get rich" is the sum total of the process. Oh, yeah, that middle one has some tricks to it but all ya gotta do is pay someone to handle that (or read an old copy of David Pressmans book at the library). And anyway, most wannabe inventors don't start pursuing inventing as a "career" until they're nearly flat broke. That means that book sales won't be high enough to justify an advance. We do pay a higher than standard royalty though, 10% of the book's list price and we don't charge the author a single cent ever (well, not till they start buying copies of their book for their grandmother, etc.). Of course, we only are interested in publishing HIGH QUALITY, INFORMATIVE books related to inventors and inventing and that means we won't publish anything we don't think is worth publishing, it is, after all, our time and money on the line to get the book into print.  Back to Top

Will you publish my novel?

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No, not even if you're a fantastic writer. We're just not geared for selling into that market. We love books though and would be happy to read your draft and give you our honest opinion---even if you really don't have the stomach for an honest opinion!  Back to Top


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