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Millions from the Mind

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Timeout! In all fairness it should be noted that the following review is by the publisher of the 2nd Edition of "Millions from the Mind" so it might be biased.

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By James E. White

I have personally spent my own money to get this book updated and back in print! Does that tell you something about my endorsement of it? It is a great book of examples of over 50 inventors who overcame the hurdles and substantially profited, to the tune of at least a million dollars, from their invention ideas. The major problem with this book though is that too many independent inventor readers just don't see how they could achieve what those inventors did. Like, you want me to believe the successes the stories are about don't put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do? If you believe you must BE a success in order to BECOME a success it's time to dig that hole and bury yourself right now!

This book describes inventor heros, both classic and modern, and what they went through and what they did to achieve success. There is no reason to believe you cannot do the same. These stories should provide the inspiration necessary to motivate you to start taking the steps necessary to become an inventor hero yourself. Wishful thinking won't cut it, concrete action will. But before you go charging off into the weeds full tilt ahead on a bad idea, this book tells you right up front how to judge an invention's potential at the early stages—that truly is where the groundwork for success is laid.

You'll also get clued in on how to assess the financial needs of getting to market and how to understand those needs so that you can be convincing enough to get appropriate investors. Strategies are provided for thinking about patents and when and why to get–or not to get–them. But beyond patents other important types of intellectual property are discussed including trademarks, copyrights , and trade secrets. All pickets you should add to your picket fence defenses.

Some of the successes, well, actually, most, described in the book achieved their success through venturing—i.e., building or helping build the company to make and sell the products—while others achieved their success through licensing. Two chapters are specifically devoted to each, licensing and venturing, where the risks and rewards and the effort required for each are clearly spelled out. As it turns out, the "easy route" of licensing seldom (but sometimes) is easy and the reasons why are made clear.

There is one catch with this book. While it provides much inspiration and a lot of "whats" that need accomplished on the road to success it has intentionally concentrated on the illustrative stories rather than the detailed resources and "hows" of achieving the "whats." But that is not a problem, that's why this book is included in this catalog of books many of which DO dive into the detailed "hows." That is not to say that you won't find yourself referring back to this book, you will, but what you'll be looking for will be the creative solutions that others used that might very well trigger that "great idea" that is the key to success with your invention "great idea." It generally takes both to achieve success, usually not just the latter.

Others have done it before you, there is no reason why you too cannot achieve Millions from the Mind.

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