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You Might Be an Inventro If...

George Morgan & Gary Price

11. You get downright uppity at work because you are sure your latest idea is going to make you rich.

25. You often miss chores, overcook food, and come home from the store without the items you intended to buy.

79. You wonder why traffic control lights are not rigged so they are coordinated with emergency vehicles...and you believe you are the first person to come up with that idea.

You Might Be An Inventor If... book cover picture

Can you relate to any of these statements? If so, then this little gem of a book is for you! In it, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Price delve into some of the more humorous characteristics that, oddly enough, seem to be common among inventors. There are over 100 different eccentricities listed, and, along with the amusing illustrations, each one will have you and your family doubled over with laughter.

Photo of George Morgan with one of his brake inventions

Mr. Morgan worked in product and process development for a number of the blue chip corporations of America, including Uniroyal, Bendix, and Auto Specialties Mfg. Co. of St. Joseph, Michigan. Although all of these firms are no longer in business under their original ownership, that really wasn't his fault!.. They really did have good conservative financial and accounting practices, so Mr. Morgan finally got smart and hung out his own shingle as a self employed patent agent in Evansville, Indiana and serving clients all over the nation. Buying this book, and his independently patented inventions, helps keep him off the public welfare rolls!

16. In grade school your science fair project was disqualified because the judges couldn't believe it was your idea and that you did the work.

drawing of a grade school science fair entry with a motorized spegatti fork and an aluminum smelter
drawing of an army sargent squinting dubiously at an inventor recruit

34. When interviewed by the military security clerk filling out all the necessary forms, you were asked if you had any relatives engaged in working to overthrow the government, you admitted some of your great relatives fought very hard for the Confederacy. You were assured all was forgiven.

41. You are always thinking of better ways to store toilet paper.

drawing of an inventor shrugging while a tester tries out his toilet paper roll carrying baseball cap


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